• July 1, 2022


Given the high use of internet for most in our activities today, it is important that we prepare online marketing strategies. Two very important internet marketing strategies trusted today are Social media marketing and Search engine marketing. Both these strategies will vary only in approach and the kind of traffic they attract. However, you should remember that these are two sides of a coin and need to go in conjunction for any internet marketing strategy to achieve success.

Search engine marketing is a kind of internet marketing where companies improve their rankings on search engines and ensure more traffic to their websites. Search engine marketing is basically of three types, using pay per click marketing advertising method, placing strategic advertisements containing precise information on various search engine websites TikTok Reseller Panel. not only that, with some search engines, it is possible to pay and grow included as a higher ranking page. However, the best way to ensure success in this type of marketing is to make your website search engines optimized by using appropriate keywords, unique content and other SEO techniques.

Social media marketing, on the other hand, is a method by which you engage them by using various social media tools. By using various such tools, you can actually disseminate information about your company to a small grouping of people who are actually interested in reading about it. Giving people chance to air their opinions on a particular area of your business, you are actually building relationships. A good profile with excellent content and by directing good traffic to your website, you can use this plan effectively.

The primary difference between the two strategies is the time taken by each to generate newly arriving traffic to your website. It is seen that search engine marketing generates more traffic to your website at a much faster rate than that of social media, which takes some time to generate quality traffic to your website. However, even if the latter takes time, it ensures long lasting contact with the people who visit your website.

Secondly, people often state that it is difficult to measure social media marketing but it is not impossible. Using the right analytics, it is possible to measure the MOTOROLA ROI of a blog as well as the exact amount of traffic coming from social media sites to your website. Measurability is very easy in search engine marketing as the length of newly arriving web traffic to your site is more visible. In addition, pay per click marketing strategy and keeping paid ads assist in measuring the impact.

Third difference is the kind of traffic attracted by each online strategy. Search engine marketing attracts SEO traffic, together with people who are try really hard to searching for your service or product, thereby ensuring high rate of conversion into customers. Social media marketing, on the other hand, attracts organic traffic, which might or may not be interested in what you have to offer. However, once you have were able to encourage the person about the importance of your company, the conversion is absolute and one that will continue for years.

In conclusion, it is best to say that for any Internet marketing strategy to achieve success, both strategies should be used in tandem, beginning with the search engine marketing strategy to create large number of hits to your website and then following it up with the social media marketing strategy to ensure them stay loyal.

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