• May 29, 2022

Therapeutic Horseback Riding – Relief From a Disability

Beyond the sway of the physical, horseback riding empowers the mind with a relaxation and stirring at the same time. The beneficial relationship between horse and rider has been known for a very long time. Both the mental and physical realms of handicapped individuals are engaged with disability placard therapeutic horseback riding. This type of horseback riding engages both the mental and physical realms of handicapped individuals to both generate a sense of peace and stimulate nerves, muscles and neurons in the brain in a very unique way.

People with any disability can gain from any riding discipline. The most commonly employed style of therapeutic riding lessons is western but English saddles are being used more and more for their more intimate connection between rider and horse. A few of the most general disabilities where therapeutic horseback riding is encouraged are:

Adults and Children with Learning Disabilities: Without the pressure to perform mental abilities are sharpened and quite often awakened in individuals with learning difficulties with this therapy. Just the riding and even ground communication with horses engages the mind and creates a rare and special environment for mental stimulation.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Communication between animal and human has proven a truly beneficial asset in bringing autistic children and adults out of their inner selves and given them a reason to communicate that regularly translates into other areas of their lives.

Individuals with ADHD: The calming motion of therapeutic horseback riding and the focus on balance and communication makes a great combination for calming adults and children with ADHD and teaching them in a fun fashion to guide their energetic nature into the moment at hand.

Those Tormented with Depression: It is hard to stay depressed while on the back of a horse. The old saying goes “‘there is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” riding brings a smile to the darkest countenance and enlivens the spirit of the most tired soul.

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