• May 28, 2022

Social Media Networking: Be an Active Participant With Relevant News, Articles, and Assistance

The success for any type of social media networking is active participation. Yes, technology allows us to become automated in just about every aspect of postings through cyberspace. The convenience of scheduling blog posts to Twitter, then to Facebook, then to LinkedIn is a great time save, but we must set a daily reminder to become engaged personally in our social networking.

I admit with a red face I’ve been guilty of allowing my automation take over and have become absent as a live person via my social networking ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . I have given myself the good old slap upside the head and no longer will I allow myself to become the absentee marketer.

As of late, I’ve downloaded the Twitter application (app) to my Droid phone, providing me the opportunity while waiting for my daughter to come out of basketball practice or religion to engage with fellow Tweeters ASSOCIATE HOME DEPOT HEALTH CHECK . This is proven to be a successful way of engaging for me and have connected with current and new colleagues, potential clients in the children’s publishing industry, and for those seeking out assistance with their social media campaigns. Twitter works perfectly on the Droid phone because of the rolling screen of Tweets. Thanks Twitter, for keeping tweets to 140 characters!

Luckily my family gave me an iPad several years ago and I’ve downloaded the Facebook and Twitter apps to further engage with others. I personally like the Facebook app on the iPad since it’s a much larger screen than my Droid phone.

Mind you, I do try to keep my personal social interaction down to 30 minutes per day so I’m not spending the majority of my time away from my valuable writing, editing, Author PR Services time, and of course my family.

Key attributes in becoming an active social media networker:

Share relevant information to followers, friends, and colleagues (whatever the specific social media network calls them). If you are a children’s book author share… the latest publishing industry news you’ve read about, your latest magazine article publication or book release, children’s book fair events, children’s book conferences (such as SCBWI by region), your experience in conducting school visits, etc. The list is endless. Important to note, don’t make it all about you. Shout out the successes of your colleagues.

Engage in online chats through social media networks. For example, on Facebook search groups you are interested in joining… such as, teachers, librarians, parents, schools. Participation is imperative, so I strongly suggest you do not join more than 1-2 groups per social media network you are a member of.

Offer tips and assistance from your expert standpoint. When a particular topic is being discussed and you have experience in said topic, join in the conversation and engage. You will be pleased and amazed on how much people appreciate your feedback and they will remember that in the future. You will eventually be known as the go to person in your field of expertise, which often times leads to much more than you ever provided.

Don’t fall into the “it’s all about me attitude.” This is a sure fire way to turn people off. Don’t chat about your specific book or product unless the conversation specifically lends to it.

Today, he playing field for online marketing is far from being level. A small or medium-sized business has little or no budget for buying advertisement and pay-per-click promotion, they are often left behind larger firms with allocated budgets and marketing departments. They occasionally invest into a website, but see no benefit from it, and give up on getting customers from the web. In other cases, they get an email from a “SEO expert” firm telling them that their site needs programming. They pay a low price for improvement, but – as the changes are carried out using old software generating automatic, irrelevant links – this will not deliver results, either.

The alternative for small businesses to improve their website is to engage with a local marketing expert, knowing the rules and the goals and requirements of the business.

Hummingbird Search Engine Update is about Relevance

Hummingbird, the name – according to Google – refers to an algorithm that is fast and precise. This means that the more relevant the site is to search queries the higher it will rank in search engines. However, it is also important to note that the company considers user engagement and social media weight as one of the main ranking factors. This means that trying to rank for “buy a car” will not be possible, nor would be wise. Instead, providing product and service names, descriptions, to narrow the results and seem more relevant is the way forward for companies’ online marketing strategy.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Google Algorithm Updates

The Hummingbird update is good news for small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of relying on a software, they can create a sales funnel that is relevant to the needs and expectations of their local market and target their customers better. The online marketing and promotion playing field has just been levelled, and it is easier to rank on the first page with relevant and specific content than ever before. Companies relying on search engine optimization software and robots will lose out, and smaller players will get a chance to get more customers online.

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