• May 28, 2022

How to Write an Essay about Identity

Who are YOU? How does your community and peer group view you? An identity essay is a way for you to think through these questions. An identity essay is meant to ask questions about your identity, how you perceive yourself, and how other people perceive you. Your identity essay must cover all aspects of your identity. This includes your name, origin, character, principles, values, and more. Your identity includes your family, friends and communities. They are part of your identity, and they will be an integral part of your essay. Your personal life is a great way to learn about the influences of people and their experiences on your identity. A well-written and researched identity essay reveals the reader your views on yourself, as well as the role that you played in developing that identity.
Essay Thesis

First, write the thesis. Your essay’s thesis is its central theme. Consider what aspect of yourself you want to examine as you write your thesis. This might include looking at your cultural background or how your peers view your personality. You can determine the relevancy of the thesis you choose by analysing how it has contributed towards your current identity.
Essay Outline

Next, prepare an outline for your essay. To organize the overall identityessay.com structure of your essay, you will need to create an outline.
Essay Draft

After you have finished the outline, begin writing the first draft. Your thesis should be the focus of your introduction. This will explain what the essay will cover. Complete the essay body with additional information and examples related to the topic. Recapitulate what you have included in the previous sections to conclude your essay.
Revisions for Essays

You can revise the essay as often as you need to connect ideas and create a clear picture about yourself. For example, use transition phrases like “on top of that” and “similarly”, to show the relationship between specific concepts and details. Use strong details in your essay to convey your thoughts about identity and how people view you. Examine all aspects of you life that impact your identity. This will enable you to create a stronger essay and provide supporting details to engage your reader.

After the essay is finished, you should review it. After you are done, have a friend or a peer review it. Writing essays may require that you look at research and facts. An identity essay, however, might need the same person to give feedback on your presentation. Ask your editor if she is open to the idea of giving you feedback about the way you represent yourself in the essay. After you have completed the essay, make any necessary edits and create the final draft.

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