• May 28, 2022

How to Increase Google PageRank – Part 1 of 2

Google PageRank has become one of the most important measurements when users are checking a sites authority on the web. To increase Google PageRank, you must first understand how Google assigns page rank to each site. Increasing your Google PageRank will not happen overnight. It requires a lot of time and effort. So lets dig in and find out how you can increase Google PageRank for your site.

Before I get into explaining how you can increase Google PageRank for your web site, let me first explain what Google PageRank is. PageRank is a tool Buy Google Reviews (Ranking) system that was developed by Google to rate each site. Ratings of 0-10 is assigned to each website by Google using a very complex algorithm. 0 being the lowest ranking, and 10 being the highest. (e.g. Google.com has a PageRank of 10). You will also come across sites that have “Un-Assigned” Google PageRanking. This means that either the site has just been established and not indexed by Google, or that the site has banned by Google.

The Algorithm used to assign PageRank are very complex and cannot be cracked, however most experts do agree that Google PageRank uses back links as a major variable in the complex algorithm used to assign PageRank to a web site. Keep this in mind, because this is very important.

So for example, you have a blog that talks about new hard drives on the market (harddriverus. com). Your friend has a blog on new web cams. Your friend mentions new hard drives ask his readers to check out harddriverus.com and puts a link in his posts. Congratulations, you just got a external backlink. ( Internal backlinks are just as important as external backlinks, however external backlinks weight more in Google’s algorithm than internal links. This doesn’t mean it’s not important to establish some internal links for your web site.)

PageRank is almost like a voting system. Every time another website gives you a back link, Google counts that as a vote. The More back links you get, the more votes Google counts towards your site. Now, it does get a little bit more complicated. Not all votes are made equal. Some votes have more weight than others. We will get into that shortly.

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