• June 30, 2022

History of Malaysia Under One Roof

The Museum Negara or National Museum was opened in August 1963 based on “Minangkabau”, classical Malay architecture on a hill facing Jalan Travers. It has been built on the site of the old Selangor Museum in 1906, which was unintentionally destroyed during the 2nd World War and which had been designed to use as a storehouse of Malaysia’s rich community and as the centre of sharing knowledge of the historical past of the country.

This historical museum which provides an interesting introduction to the history and culture of Malaysia, is surrounded by historical buildings and a romantic parkland which has been built in the style of a “Rumah Gadang” and is a major stimulus in attracting local and foreign tourists. The museum is a three storied structure 109.7 meters long and 15.1 meters wide. It holds a remarkable collection of artifacts on local history, culture and customs, art and handicraft, flora and fauna, weapons and currencies. It also houses several main galleries such as Historical Gallery, Cultural Gallery, Metal works and Musical Instrument Gallery, National Sports Gallery and the National History Gallery, specializing in ethnology and natural history of Malaysia. It welcomes its visitors with a large central main entrance hall that is flanked by two exhibition wings on the exterior of of which, two large murals illustrate the scenes of the country. The mural on the rights side demonstrates Malaysian culture and customs while the one on the left chronicles the historical episodes of the nations.

Museum Negara was renovated in the 1990s, extending its capacity with a library, an auditorium and an additional exhibition hall for thematic exhibitions. Also now we can see, at the rear, a variety of old Malaysian motor vehicles, including a fire engine and the Rolls Royce used by Malaysia’s first prime minister. Also the structure comprises 26 concrete pillars, positioned to reflect the features of a traditional Malay palace. This concept of 26 pillars is based on the assembly of 13 pillars to the east and 13 more to the west of the building in order to represent the 13 states of Malaysia.

Another aspect of attraction of the Museum is the old Terengganu timber palace known as “Istana Satu”, which was erected in 1884. More over the Cafeteria, Souvenir Shop, Wheel Chair and Disabled access and Prayer Room are the other main facilities provided by this national museum. And it’s open daily from 9am to 6pm with free entrance for children and guided visits by appointment if needed.

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