• May 20, 2022

5+ Best Features in Bridesmaids Slot That Women Should Know

The Bridesmaids slot is one of the most popular online slots from game developer Microgaming. Among women, that is. However, even if you are a man, you can read on.

Bridesmaids is a very nicely arranged slot machine with a very exciting bonus game and there are stacked wilds – that makes many players happy.

The Features in Bridesmaids Slot

Bridesmaids has 5 reels and 40 paylines that you play by default. The minimum bet is $0.40.

The symbols consist of the women cast of the american romantic comedy of the same name: Lillian, Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca. That may sound a bit dull, but it certainly isn’t.

In addition, there are the card symbols: spades, hearts, diamonds and clover. The ‘Bridesmaids’ logo counts as a joker.

A pink cupcake (well) is the bonus symbol. If you play at least 3 cupcakes anywhere in the picture, you activate the nerve-wracking exciting Wheel Bonus. Congratulations.

A wheel of fortune comes into view with four cupcakes next to it. Click on one of the cupcakes to determine a multiplier for the bonus round.

Then you turn the wheel. There are six different prizes to be won:

1. Multiplier Bonus

You get another multiplier. Your bet will be multiplied by the two multipliers. Your bonus round has been completed.

2. Friendship Free Spins

You get 10 free spins with extra stacked symbols and extra jokers.

3. Flying High Free Spins

You get 10 free spins with jokers that can fold out. You probably know this principle from Starburst.

4. Boutique Bonus

You will see 12 gifts, which you click open one by one. The presents contain photos. If you find two of the same characters, you win a sum of money and sometimes a multiplier. The bonus game ends when you spin the bride twice.

5. Magic Moments Bonus

You’ll see 10 photos of scenes from the movie Bridesmaids, which you click on one by one. On the back of the photos are amounts of money. The bonus game ends when you see the text ‘I am sorry’ on the back of a photo.

6. Jackpot

You win the jackpot: 100 times your bet. Hurrah!.

The Results of The Game

We played 100 spins on the Bridesmaids, now you have to look at these results. 

  • Result after 1000 spins at $0,20: $90,85 loss
  • Five biggest wins: $21,60 / $21,60 / $12,85 / $12,80 / $12,40
  • Multiplier Bonus: 4x (avg. $5,00)
  • Friendship Free Spins: 1x ($5,95)
  • Boutique Bonus: 3x (avg. $15,73)
  • Magic Moments Bonus: 1x ($6,40)
  • According to Microgaming, the payout percentage (RTP) is: 96.71%

In conclusion, the Bridesmaids slot is made for women players, but men should not be deterred by that. Because Bridesmaids gives much higher prizes in the base game and the bonus game is very exciting.

Has nothing failed at all about this lock? Yes! Occasionally the characters from the film pass by and they say something to you. That is so toe-curlingly sweet that you immediately no longer feel like any cupcake.

However, if you want games that can be played by both women and men, you can try josqq as it offers so many benefits for players. 

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